Posted by rellence | 24 06 2018
How I Styled My Palladium Boots (3 Looks)

Hey, What is up? I hope everybody is doing great right now. Believe it or not. A pair of boots is a staple piece in every person’s wardrobe and it is more functional than what you think. Boots are pretty versatile and the number of people who are sporting this footwear is quickly decreasing. It...

Posted by rellence | 17 10 2017
How I Managed to Reuse a Shirt With a Loose Neckline?

Its laundry day! Time to throw your clothes inside the machine and let it sanitize. But, did you already experience washing a piece that you love and it did not go as planned? Instead of having a decent output, it got manipulated. You witness color stains, shrinkages, loose garments, etc. Well this is the result...

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