Posted by rellence | 15 04 2018
Recent Pick-Ups: PH Local Brands (The Starving Artist & Blank PH) / Hypebeast Magazine

Happy Sunday, everyone! How are y’all doing? Today’s “Recent Pick-Ups” will feature some pieces that I copped from my origin which is the Philippines. I love how my fellow countrymen innovate their way to the scene and bring out their perspective to the local community. Aside from these Filipino made pieces, I also copped a...

Posted by rellence | 26 11 2017
PICK-UPS: Cold Gold’s Guadalupe and Liberty Piece

What is up, everyone? We're finally back from a short hiatus and I believe you're wondering why we experienced such. It is because I flew back to my motherland, the Philippines, to do some soul searching. Just kidding. I had significant errands to attend and I also had a short vacation so I was not...

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