Outfit Diary: Style Guide for Your Week #2

Every single day, we are required to contemplate about what should we wear for the day and everyone has a difficulty in sealing their decisions. It could take you the entire night to think about it. Good thing, RELLENCE is available to help you decide on what to wear today. If you feel like you’re repeating the same old t-shirt everyday, then you might want to consider this article. Keep on reading!

What’s up, everyone! Today’s entry is an “Outfit Diary”. For those who doesn’t know what’s “Outfit Diary”, “Outfit Diary” is a segment in RELLENCE wherein I gush about the outfits that I wear and the ideologies behind it. Follow along this segment to learn more about my personal way of styling the ready-to-wear clothes of life.

Disclaimer: This blogpost is not declaring a rule in styling but it serves as a guideline to your everyday style. Not a sponsored post and every piece in this article is owned by me.

Outfit #1

Monday – Start of the week! (Well, not technically the start) Most of the time, people will naturally feel “Monday blues”. It is inevitable because of various reasons. If that’s the case, we might consider to wear something minimal for the day. This outfit could be in a safe zone because its all black and everyone knows you could never go wrong with this color. But since its monday, most of us want to start the week in a calmly manner. Wear your coziest sweater and pair it with some tapered trousers. You may add your favorite sneaker, preferably black sneakers with white soles. But if you wanna add a little color, you could throw in your vibrant shoes. Minimal fit, cozy feel, and calm vibe.

Sweater – Thrift / Trousers – SM Department Store / Socks – H&mTrainers – PUMAWatch – GUESS JeansNecklace – Cold Gold Co.

Outfit #2

Ragged look meets sportswear. For this look, I went a little bit experimental because I used my white distressed denim jacket on top of my sweatpants. Two different genres mixed together. A little fun fact for you all. The sweatpants that I wore in this exhibit is actually a jogging pants in one of the prestigious schools in the Philippines, St. Paul College Pasig. Yes, you read that right. You thought it was an adicolor of the “Three-Stripe Company”? Nope. The lesson that we can get here is that the identity of the piece that you wear comes from the intention of the person wearing it. Moving to the styling perspective, I used the whites in this outfit consistently and made the color of the pants stand out. I also wore a bumbag to carry all my belongings and to utilize it as an accessory across my body.


Cap – StussyShirt – Dont Blame The KidsDenim Jacket – Forever 21Sweatpants – St. Paul College, Pasig / Sneakers – K-Swiss / Bumbag – ASOSNecklace – Custom / Watch – GUESS Jeans

Outfit #3

Time to replenish our stocks at home and its grocery time! Of course, our week wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the grocery. Pushing your cart through the “Meat” section will probably freeze you to death and this is absolutely the perfect opportunity to wear that fluffy hoodie. For your grocery outfit, wear your coziest hoodie paired with the softest sweat shorts that you have in your wardrobe. This is not a motivation for you to snooze off in the grocery but it is a way to stay extremely comfortable while purchasing your “Lucky Charms” with 2 Liters of Fresh milk. Never forget your accessories with you such as your gold chains, wristwatch, wallet, etc. because an outfit is incomplete without the accessories. For the shoes, I wore a pair of Palladium boots to bounce back from the cozy feel of the entire look.


Hoodie – H&mShorts – H&mBoots – PalladiumNecklace – Cold Gold Co.

Outfit #4

For the latter parts of the week, there’s definitely a night out. Since the heat is brought in the night, we might as well stay fresh by wearing a short-sleeved button down shirt. You may call this buttondown cut as “Bowling shirt”, “Hawaiian Shirt”, etc. What you want to do is Tuck the shirt in a decent pair of trousers and wear your chunkiest shoes in your wardrobe. Again, don’t forget your accessories because these pieces will add the dazzle in your fits. Without those tiny gems, your outfit would look incomplete. Always stay fresh and don’t get wasted!


SS Shirt – Thrift / Belt – SM Department Store / Trousers – GUESS Jeans / Sneakers – FILA / Necklace – Cold Gold Co. / Watch – GUESS Jeans

Outfit #5

Not all clothes in our respective wardrobes fit us perfectly. So instead of letting those unused pieces consume space inefficiently, why not be creative with them? The sweater in this fit is extremely baggy and oversized. I consider myself to wear pieces that are medium-sized but this sweater is approximately extra large. I miscalculated the fit when I bought it. Instead of throwing it away, I wore it by tucking it in my trousers and rolling up the sleeves. I also styled the sweater in a different way which you may be able to see HERE. With this, I wore my favorite white sneakers to add a little brightness to the entirety of the fit and I utilized my blue sling bag and cap to break the monochrome color palette.


Cap – StussySweater – Loop GarmsBelt – SM Department Store / Trousers – ZaraSneakers – K-SwissSling Bag – Camera Bag / Chain – Bershka

That’s it for this week’s style guide. I hope you were able to absorb something from this post and make sure to apply everything you’ve seen here in your fits for the week. If you’ve reached this part of the post, thank you so much for reading all the way. All love! Don’t forget to follow my socials which are seen at the bottom of the page. I also publish new blogpost every week so make sure to stay tuned!


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