How I Styled My Palladium Boots (3 Looks)

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Believe it or not. A pair of boots is a staple piece in every person’s wardrobe and it is more functional than what you think. Boots are pretty versatile and the number of people who are sporting this footwear is quickly decreasing. It is a rare case wherein you spot someone wearing boots. Is that a bad thing? Personally, there are ups and downs but lets focus more on the brighter side. It is great! Why? It is because you’ll have higher chances of being unique.

Today, I listed three ways on how I styled my Palladium boots and I hope I can ignite the creative fuels in you. These fits are not created to dictate on how you should sport a pair of boots but it serves as a guideline for your styling. Disclaimer! I am not a “Styling god” and I’m only here to share with you bits of what I know with the resources that I currently have. This is also not a sponsored post and I’m basically just sharing this for the idea of styling and the expression of satisfaction.

There are multitude of companies that sell heavy duty boots but why am I picking Palladium out of all? Palladium has been in the industry for decades and they have been consistently creating durable footwear for EVERYONE. Wether you’re an athlete, an artist, a person who loves boots or a brave citizen who fights for justice (Basically, a soldier haha), this brand was established for you. From an artist’s studio floors up to the battlefield. Palladium was made to suit people in order to reshape the future through incredible footwear.

Moving on to the styling perspective, A pair of Palladium boots is a staple piece in your wardrobe because of its versatility. During my 16th Birthday, My girlfriend gifted me a pair of  Palladium’s original black boots with foldable exteriors and I definitely loved it! Due to its foldable feature, you can definitely create two whole looks without removing your footwear. This is a pair of boots that would definitely fit to numerous types of occasions. In terms of comfort, your feet would sit in comfortably because of the technology in the soles. It is not your typical hard and durable boots because your feet will sit in the clouds while creating an incredible look and function.

First Look: Boots with Sweatpants

Most of the time, the people that I see wearing a combination of boots and sweatpants are dancers. Maybe its because of the community that I live with. But personally, I see dancers sport this look more often. This pairing allows you to be more athletic because of the cozy and stretchable function of the sweatpants and the boots also add a solid support to your feet. It is definitely an active-wear and a training outfit. If you want to have a cozy day on your legs without compromising your overall fit, then this could be your pick.

Second Look: Boots with Jeans

Tucking your jeans inside your boots is definitely a ragged look that most of us are aware of. Most of the time, people sport this look with their brown leather boots and acid wash/black denim pants. For me, I used a light blue denim pants to pair my unfolded Palladium Boots. With this, I topped it off with a black vintage shirt with blue graphics to coordinate it with the shade of the pants and I used a black bum bag to store my belongings because I wouldn’t want my phone or wallet to be bulking up my skinny jeans. For the accessories; I wore a gold necklace, gold watch, marble-like arm-candy and a keychain hanged on the jeans. The keychain also added a mysterious punk vibe.

Third Look: Boots with Capri Pants

The trousers that I wore in this exhibit are shorter than a usual pair of trousers because It measures ⅞  of a standard cut. You may also call this a “⅞ pants”, “Capri Pants”, or whatever you want to name it. With this pair, I was able to create a grimey vibe and the gray oversized pull-over contributed to its mood. This look is more inclined to grime fashion and I’m definitely digging this look. On top of these baggy pieces, I brought my black bomber jacket with me to intensify the overall feel of the fit. For the accessories, I hanged a silver bead chain on my pants and I wore a diamond earring to add a little dazzle to the monochrome color palette of this look.

Boots are crazy business and we should not be sleeping on these beasts. You probably own sneakers, dress shoes, slides, etc. But not everyone has a pair of boots snoozing in their wardrobes. Invest in your game by adding this pair to your wardrobe. It could cost you a lot but it is worth of an investment. Very durable, very versatile, and very stylish.

There you have it for today. If you ever reach this part, thank you so much for reading all the way. It definitely means a lot to me. Leave a comment below or send me a message. Lets start a discussion. Don’t forget to follow me on my socials!


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