Recent Pick-Ups: PH Local Brands (The Starving Artist & Blank PH) / Hypebeast Magazine

Happy Sunday, everyone! How are y’all doing? Today’s “Recent Pick-Ups” will feature some pieces that I copped from my origin which is the Philippines. I love how my fellow countrymen innovate their way to the scene and bring out their perspective to the local community. Aside from these Filipino made pieces, I also copped a hypebeast magazine for good read and inspiration.


For those who have no idea about what “Recent Pick-Ups” is. “Recent Pick-Ups” is a segment in RELLENCE wherein I feature some of my favorites and recent pick-ups and this segment was made to create a review on the products that I purchase. Of course, I want to share what I know with what I have and this could help you in deciding to purchase something you’ve been eyeing for. “Recent Pick-Ups” was not created to degrade the readers and/or boast the possessions that I obtain.


Let’s jump right into it.

Canvas Tote Bags From The Starving Artist

The Starving Artist. I’ve been eyeing this brand for so long and I can sense a lot of potential to it. I discovered this local brand in Instagram through one of the talented artists in Philippines, Mr. Bryan Sochayseng (@chaiseng). So what did I purchase? I obtained their canvas tote bags in blue and red colorway. The quality that I adore about these bags are the color selection and the minimalist design to it. It’s not your ordinary tote bag because its more than a “bag”. To be honest, I personally like this brand and I’m looking forward to their future endeavors.

Link for the Tote Bag

Link for the Starving Artist’s Instagram

Canvas “Kyoto” Kimono from Blank PH

Today’s “Recent Pick-Ups” is more on Canvas, huh? Haha!


Blank PH is owned by a sought-after blogger in the Philippines, Mr. Miko Carreon. For so long, I’ve been a fan of Miko’s aesthetic and vision and he is also a good friend of mine whom I met through dancing. When I heard about the debut of this brand, I immediately checked it out, wrote it down to my list, and availed one piece from its first collection. Guess what, I was not disappointed.


You know what interests me the most? The first collection was loaded with Japanese-inspired kimonos paired with industrial belts and tote bags. No wacky designs on it. Just real simple and plain. On the first glance, all you see are plain garments. BUT, read between the lines! This collection is actually a platform and/or a canvas for us to work on. It is a line that will definitely ignite our creative fuels and encourage the “artist” within us to“create”. Paint it, Print on it, Draw on it, etc. You name it! Blank PH extends the artistry to the community by allowing us to add our own flavor into its pieces. Well, that’s genius.


Link for Blank PH’s Instagram

Link for Miko Carreon’s Instagram and Blog

Hypebeast Magazine Issue 20

No matter how high or how far we reach in our own respective fields, there will always be a time wherein we would feel empty and dry with our own creative thinking. So as a cure to this inevitable situation, I bought the latest edition of Hypebeast Magazine. The cover features, Virgil Abloh, an influential person who’s recently booming in the field of fashion design, collaboration, and everything in between. This creative no longer needs an introduction for he’s the current discussion in the internet. Aside from being the founder of Off-White and shadowing Kanye’s fashion direction, Virgil was recently appointed as the Creative director of Louis Vuitton.

What I like about this magazine is the ultra high quality printing made by Hypebeast and I bet it’ll drool you out. The details on this issue (and in all of the editions that they produce) are way beyond great quality. Aside from its physical aspects, the content is indeed nutritious for its readers. Not for the clout but for the authenticity and uniqueness of knowledge.

Sometimes, it’s better to stray away from our gadgets for a while.

For more and detailed description of the 20th edition issue of Hypebeast Magazine, Click the link: “Click Me

There you have it!

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Gwan Big Up Urself!

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