How It REALLY Feels To Have 10K Slides on Your Feet? #GucciSlides

10,000 PHP for a pair of Slides!?!?”

Sometimes… Oh wait! Most of the time!

Most of the time, designer brands tend to over price their market. The price tags are probably exceeding the amount of money that we have in our respective bank accounts. But, the biggest interrogative statement here is..

“Why withdaw your entire bank account just for a designer product?”

I understand designers went through a systematic process and research and they utilized durable materials in order for them to fabricate their vision. But sometimes, its all about the HYPE for the brand and/or product.

“Is the HYPE even worth it?”

Do I still need to introduce Gucci? Nah.

According to Gucci’s website, the Gucci web slides have a black rubber with red and green web detailing, molded rubber footbed and rubber sole. All made in Italy.

Long sleeves Buttondown – Docker
Shirt – Hanes
Sweatpants – Double U Apparel
Mid Socks – Champion
Web Slides – Gucci

1. Grocery Shopping Never Felt This Luxurious

Moving those “all around” flip flops aside. The gucci web slides create a luxurious vibe and aura. Sporting one covers your lazy and chill get-ups for the day.

2. Even If You Don't Try, You'll Still Look On Top of the Game

Do I still need to explain? The hype lifted the status of the slides to reach this point.

3. No More Walking, Just Handstands.

You actually have two options; It’s either you execute handstands or you walk like a penguin. Since you’re stepping on an expensive product, you tend to cater it. Even though it was designed to cater you. Of course, take care of your hard earned money… that was converted into a pair of slides. Lol #DecreaseTheCrease

4. Everything On Point, Except Your Bank Account

You may seem fresh on the outside. But deep inside, you lowkey think about the damage done by your designer’s overpricing scheme into your bank account. All for style and hype.

5. Endless Roasting From Your Family Members/Relatives

Being practical is the number one rule when it comes to handling money. Getting the word and hype out to your loved ones are definitely not receiving the love that you manifest to the product. It’ll take time before they understand your point of view on purchasing it. So if you plan to acquire, get ready for some heavy roasting. Haha!

6. You'll want alternative slides for your slides

Its probably the most expensive slides in your closet. So you’ll have the urge to protect your babies by obtaining another pair of slides that is not on the same level of hype compared with the Gucci Web Slides. The purpose of this is for daily careless use. But, the actual dilemma here is not having sufficient amount of moolah to get you “another one”.  *DJ Khaled Voice*

7. Satisfaction... or Hello Ecommerce

Not everyone will reach this point. Some of us will not be satisfied at all and probably just sell it on the internet. But if you really wanted the slides for so long then the world is yours.

Not everyone is blessed to have opportunities to acquire expensive products such as the Gucci Web Slides. But, if you are one of the lucky hypebeasts then you should be grateful for it. Is it really worth to purchase one? I dont know about you. It actually depends on how you perceive the product and how long you worked hard to get your hands on it. So if you witness someone rocking Gucci Web Slides or other similar products, don’t immediately jump on roasting them. Why? They worked for it. Its their money and its their decision to do such. Learn how to respect and be open minded.

Because in the world of fashion, open mindedness is a key.

Tell me your thoughts at the comments section!

Gwan Big Up Yourself!

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